What we're doing to make coexisting with Gavin safer -

What we’re doing to make coexisting with Gavin safer

With everything going on with Gavin, we’ve had to implement a few safety related measures.  Some are already in place and others will have to be implemented when I get the money to do so. 

By Sunday evening, Gavin’s bedroom door will be alarmed. This will alert us to him moving around, especially at night. 

Secondly, Gavin is not to be alone with anyone.  Furthermore, he will never be in the house alone with Lizze.  If that’s means he has to come with me when I do have to leave, than so be it.  On the rare occasion that he has to remain at home with Lizze and I’m not physically present, he will remain in his room the entire time.


Aside from removing as many potential weapons as possible, we will be working towards some type of WiFi camera system.  It’s necessary to monitor what he’s doing when we aren’t watching because sometimes it’s the only insight we have into what he’s doing great and where he’s at. 

None of this is easy, fun or pleasant. 

I certainly don’t like the idea of never leaving him at home if I’m not there but it’s a necessary evil that will help to ensure everyone’s safety and wellbeing. 

Until we figure out what we’re doing for the long term, we have to make sure that safety takes precedence over convenience…… O_o

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