Trying to keep Gavin busy and out of trouble by teaching life skills

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I’ve been trying to find more constructive outlets for Gavin’s excess energy.  My hope is that if I keep him busy doing things, he won’t have the time or energy to make at least some of bad decisions that keep getting him in trouble. 

He and I cleaned up the front of the house yesterday.  We raked leaves and cleaned out the front gardens.

Today I’ve been trying to teach him how to use the washer and dryer.   It only could he help us out by doing laundry, it’s something that he needs to know how to do that if he wants to ever live on his own.


Really, this is a kill two birds with one stone kinda thing……

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Lost and Tired

Meaghan1985  well said.  Also, try not to think of your situation as a setback. Perhaps it’s more a of a pause in forward momentum.. 🙂


Housework is a great way to keep busy. I’m feeling pretty upset right now (a personal setback) and have been trying to distract myself with such things as dishes, laundry, taking out trash, etc. Not only does it give a person something to do, it also provides a sense of accomplishment. And you’re right, it’s good to teach your kids the skills of everyday living, special needs or not.