I feel like shit this morning but hey I’m alive

So I got about zero sleep last night. I couldn’t get comfortable and as the morning drew closer, the pain began to return.

I’m in the waiting room at my doctor’s office right now. I arrived early because I’m hoping to God that I can get in early.

I feel nauseated and I just want to go to bed.

I’m also not looking forward to her removing the dressing because Lizze and I realized that the nurse last night didn’t center the dressing. The tape at the bottom is really uncomfortably close to the wound and it’s gonna hurt like a bitch when my doctor removes it.

Anyway, this whole thing is weird for me because I can’t see it and have to rely on pictures or someone else to know what’s going on.

The nurse last night was really nice and I’m grateful it’s over with. Hopefully, things will be looking up from here… ☺

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