No Shirt No Shoes No School -

No Shirt No Shoes No School

Emmett went to bed not feeling good and still isn’t feeling good this morning. Neither is Elliott. They had a blast at the movie last night and didn’t even get to bed that late. They’re both very stressed out and that would take a toll on anyone.

Elliott’s hip hurts and Emmett’s stomach is upset. Both are going to school because if they don’t, they won’t be able to visit their mom tonight. If they are too sick to go to school, they’re too sick to go anywhere. That’s how we’ve always handled things like this. I’m pretty sure their mom would support that decision.

I only push this because it’s most likely emotionally based and as shitty as it is that they have to be dealing with this fucked up situation in the first place, life has to go on. They cannot miss any more school than absolutely necessary.

It’s been an incredibly frustrating morning on all fronts.

Currently, I’m taking a break because Emmett has literally tried on every shirt he has and none of them are comfortable. This means that he’s so stressed out that he’s even more sensory sensitive than he usually is.

No shirt = No school..

This isn’t his fault and I’m not upset with him at all. It’s just frustrating because this is very difficult to work through.

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