Today hasn’t been great but also not too bad…

So far today has been pretty blah….

Gavin’s been doing pretty well today.  Perhaps a bit annoying but no real behavioral issue.  In fact, he helped me clean the living room and briefly earned his tablet back before losing it again because he chose not to listen. 


Elliott and Emmett have been playing with their Pikmin characters all day.  There has been some bickering and Emmett’s had a few minor meltdowns but nothing too crazy. 

I’m focusing on cleaning today and trying to get the house up to snuff. 

It’s hard for me to relax and unwind in a house that’s too chaotic.  I never expect perfection, I just like to see the floor and not have to tip toe through a minefield of toys. Plus, because Gavin is home I can’t go walking today.  This is a great way to get my steps in and not have to leave the house…..

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Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Raynette Jones

rob i also noticed that there are not a lot of repsonses somedays and some days there are. I just wanted you to know from my personal experience, i have sometimes had to “catch up” on commenting and here is why. for whatever reason (since I am technology challenged i really dont know) my user name and password dont save and or stay open automatically. which is probably good but my ADD is terrible and i cant remember and have to go thru a buch of crap (not that much really but frustrating, not your fault) and have to reset it. then also sometimes it wants me to log in on disques and sometimes livefire, which i cant remember my user name and password on that either. I am going to write it down but i think i already forgot my my new disques password lol. I am not complaining, i just wanted to let you know of my experience and it may make people not post. they could be posting on facebook instead, I dont know. just wanted you to no. Tell Lizzie Happy Mother’s Day for me please!

Raynette Jones

I hope the rest of the day goes well. I understand what you are saying about not being able to rest knowing there is so much to do. i bet though in your case you will feel better when you can SEE that you have accomplished something but i hope you get rest too. I wanted to ask can Gavin not go walking with you? is it his autonomic issues or other issues