I can’t begin to explain how stressed out I am

I can’t begin to explain how stressed out I am right now.  I feel like I’m being crushed by several things go at the same time.  Lizze is really not coping well right now.

With all we have going on with Gavin, it feels like our lives are turned upside down. 

With all that Gavin has done to Lizze in the past and everything he’s doing to her now,  she’s been physically ill and unable let to sleep at night. 

Elliott and Emmett are each driving me crazy in their own unique way. 


Emmett’s been the king of meltdowns lately.  He’s become obsessed with perfection and is unable to tolerate even the slightest imperfection.

Elliott has become very interested in mining.  By very interested I mean completely obsessed.  This is a blessing and an annoyance because he’s really interested in learning about rocks, identifying them and striking it rich.  The annoying part comes into play with his constant talking about it. 

When he finds a rock, he’s has to identify it and that simply isn’t always easy or even possible.   He simply can’t move past this. 

Truthfully, I think it drives him more crazy than it does me. 

This is all just one tiny part of the crushing weight that is causing a large part of my stress. 

There’s also the blog, forums, work, bills, house and just about anything else you can think of.  Just the simple fact that we can’t seem to get everyone in the same page with Gavin, is stressful and exhausting.

I fear that this will lead to tension between those on board and those that aren’t. 

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When you say this may cause tension between those who are on board versus those who aren’t, what do you mean? Just seeking to better understand.

Lost and Tired

Okay… Those that aren’t on board and don’t believe this is real tend to not follow the rules and safety things we have in place. They also become a sorta weak link in the chain and this can be easily exploited but Gavin….


Oh man….how people can’t believe this is real….how does one explain such people? 🙁

Lost and Tired

Therein lies the problem… 😉


But thanks to blogs like yours and many many others, autism is becoming better known and understood. 🙂


Do you think Elliot’s rock obsession might be one of the autism symptoms — we’re famous for obsessions with stuff — or just a normal childhood thing?

Lost and Tired

I think you are at least partially correct. He does get hyperfocused and sticks with it until something good else comes along and steals his attention. I will say that it can interfer with life….. 🙂