Nothing ever goes as planned

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Our plans for today have been flushed down the preverbal toilet.  Elliott came home from school because he’s not feeling well.  I think this only like the first or second time this year. 

Unfortunately, that required Lizze to sacrifice her appointment this afternoon with her new neurologist. 


She can’t drive herself and we can’t take Elliott, so this was what had to be done.  Thankfully, she only has to wait until either June or July but because of why she canceled and the fact she’s had a migraine for so long, they put her at the top of the cancelation list. 

At least we have that. 

Right now Elliott’s just resting on the couch with his tablet , while I’m hoping that the rest of the day goes smoother….

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Raynette Jones

it does seem as nothing goes as planned for sure. if it makes you feel any better it is a part of NT families as well. My oldest son that is nt and lives on his own out of state (that God for skype) and has a great job is now at a point that he knows to expect the unexpected unfortunately. He gets it. Then his girlfriend now gets it too. she was saving up for a car and then she had to use that money for something else urgent so she was being pitiful to my son (in a good way) where he explained to her that even though he is so great and has a great job crazy stuff keeps happening to him as well so at least she is able to see that it is not her. Another one of my son’s friends from 2nd grade (like another child of mine) who is also 26 has finally gotten it in his head that the unexpected always seems to happen and the world is not against him (not that you are saying that). I also liken it to when we have to learn a lesson the hard way and we have had to learn THREE times already lol. i know it isnt funny that lizzie has missed her appointment for her migraine. As one great mother to another, i am so sorry, i know you are trying to get well and it is just pissy that we cant just go to the damn doctor because of anything. my chronically ill kid that gets the ivig just learned his lesson unfortunately that when he is trying to take care of his own drs visits cause he is 21 and NT and wants to live independently (he does not drive because of being on pain meds for all his sicknesses) that when mama says gets fluids, then go slow on the ivig infusion and then get fluids again, be sure to do that instead of fall asleep during the infusion where you are not watching what is going on!!!! cause he has had a migraine for about 10 days now. i hope that is one lesson he does not have to learn again. it hurts me so much