I don’t think we overreacted but how would you handle your child being stabbed multiple times with a pencil at school?

Lizze and I had a long discussion last night about how to handle the kid that stabbed Emmett because he was returning to school today. We were nervous because we didn’t know what was going on or how to ensure Emmett’s safety.

We decided that there was at least one main thing we would insist upon for a period of time. Assuming that everything else is in check with this kid and he’s allowed to return to school, we want him and Emmett separated until we know this kid is no longer a risk.

I read a couple comments suggesting that boys will be boys but in my world, it’s not okay that Emmett was stabbed four time with a sharpened pencil. It was bad enough to puncture the skin and bleed. That’s not okay and I think most parents would be upset if this happened to their child as well.

We aren’t looking for revenge or to get the kid expelled. We just want to be sure that Emmett is safe. I don’t think that’s unreasonable and frankly, I don’t give a shit if it is.

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Lizze and I spoke with the principal this morning and felt very good because they were already taking those precautions. They’re going to keep them apart for the time being and see how this kid is doing. Emmett’s forgiven him and I think that’s awesome, but we just want to make sure that we aren’t putting him at risk. That seems like the least we should be doing.

Apparently, the issues were medication related and that has supposedly been addressed. I’m glad to hear that for Emmett’s sake and for the sake of this kid.

It’s important to understand that Emmett has been waking up every night since this happened with nightmares. I don’t think he was traumatized or anything like that. I think the issue is that he cannot reconcile how his friend could do that to him. In his head, friends don’t hurt each other. He’s right, at least in the sense that they shouldn’t hurt each other but that’s not always the case.

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Emmett will move past the actual events and his injuries, long before he’ll let go of trying to figure out why this happened.

This is why we wanted there to be a separation between the two at first. I want Emmett to feel that he’s safe in the classroom with this kid back in school. I think this is a very reasonable way to help him work through this and hopefully, things will go back to normal. We want them to continue their friendship but we are dealing with special needs kids and there can be a level of unpredictability that simply isn’t found in more neurotypical situations.

I feel like we exercised our due diligence and we’re thankful the school is handling it the way they are. This is just another example of why open lines of communication are important, especially when it comes to school staff… ☺