An Honesty Post - I need a break from problem behaviors -

An Honesty Post – I need a break from problem behaviors

Gavin is driving me crazy today.  I can’t quite put my finger on what it is that’s bothering me but he’s bothering me today. 

It could be that we have caught him lying to us at least twice already this morning. 

As terrible as it sounds, I’m looking forward to him sleeping through the rest of the day.  It means that I’ll get a break from his behaviors and I won’t have to try and figure out whether or not he’s lying to me.


Feel free to think what you want about me as a person or a parent. 

We all need breaks from problem behaviors and challenging children.  All the love in the world won’t prevent you from having limitations to your patience and sanity. 

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Raynette Jones

no judgement from me. if your thoughts go to anger over this or guilt or anything else. i do have one suggestion. once a bad/negative/angry/sad etc., thought comes in your mind picture a big orange circle. sounds stupid as hell but the trick of it is that if you visualize the big orange circle it just interupts your train of thought. just try it a couple of times or just today and see if it works for you. i use a purple circle because that is my favorite color, but where ever i got this trick from says to use orange. i dont like orange and i am an american adult so i can use whatever color i want lol. go to sleep your self or keep busy with laundry etc. good luck praying for you all.


You are always interested in inspirational quotes and stuff. I found a quote you might like — and Lizze too:

“Strong people alone know how to organize their suffering so as to bear only the most necessary pain.”

It was written by Emil Dorian, a Romanian Jewish writer, during the Holocaust. He survived.

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