Gavin did something truly awesome today

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I wanted to share something really cool that Gavin did today. Actually, it’s a couple of cool things. I don’t want to short change him. ☺

This afternoon, Akron Children’s Hospital delivered Gavin’s IVIG infusion supplies. I physically received them and signed the paperwork. When I brought them into the house, I handed Gavin the inventory list and told him to make sure we received everything we were supposed to get.

It was a slower process for Gavin in because he doesn’t process things very quickly anymore. That being said, he went through everything, matched it up to the list and identified supplies we were missing.

I knew we were missing a few supplies because they were out of stock and scheduled for delivery next week sometime. I didn’t tell Gavin that and he caught it on his own. Frankly, he was pissed off when he realized supplies were missing but I explained why they were missing and he calmed down.

He also discovered another item that was missing that hadn’t been previously documented. It was a mistake by the pharmacy but he caught it on his own and that’s awesome.

I had him highlight the items we had and make a reconditioned of the items we were still missing so I could call the pharmacy on Monday.

When he finished up with that, he took the whole box to his room and made individual kits of supplies that he needs for each infusion. I found this to be a great way to make sure we have enough of everything, as well as but it also keeps things better organized, more efficient and Gavin did great. ☺

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Lastly, he setup almost his entire infusion by himself and the only thing he has left to actually do is put the needles in his belly.

I’m so proud of him for dealing with all this stuff because it’s incredibly important that he be able to do as much of this on his own as possible.

Great job Gavin. Keep up the good work.

  • Becky Wiren says:

    That is great. Good job, Gavin!