Trying to bring my stress level down a few notches

Just a quick update. All the kids have gone to visit my Grandmother today and that includes Elliott.  He’s been in the meds for his pink eye for 24 hours and according to his doctor, is no longer contagious. 

Lizze and I stayed behind because she has previous plans with her mother and quite frankly, I needed a break. 

I’m probably gonna run a few errands and perhaps get a bit of writing done. 


I never have the house to myself because if someone’s not home, it’s because I’m driving them somewhere.  I’m hoping that I can sorta regroup a bit and bring my stress level down a few notches….

If nothing else, I may just chill on the couch and watch some cartoons. That’s right, cartoons.  They are relatively mindless and take me back to when I was in a better place. 

I hope all your days are going well. 

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Raynette Jones
Raynette Jones

great idea. i hope you are on the couch even for cartoons. my stress level was down a bit today but then my kid showed me where his urine looks like strong tea and immediately tears come to my eyes. I say to myself why, why, why (not why me). it was like that right after he got out of the hospital and we were hoping it was because of the tpn vitiamins and then it turned back yellow or pale yellow and then he showed me today where it is back to dark tea again. he has started taking… Read more »

Lost and Tired

You got it. Prayers sent and continuing……..

Raynette Jones
Raynette Jones

thank you so much. keep praying. my son peed again today and it is tea colored again. he is drinking plenty. i am calling the oncologist (because he id the one that gives him the ivig) in the morning and get him seen either by the oncologist, kidney or liver drs or all three. He will see somebody. i am trying my best not to look at the internet because it doesnt tell me anything but bad stuff. i am scared to death. He is not which is good. i am so selfish because in my mind i am saying… Read more »

Lost and Tired

I’m so sorry. We will keep the prayers coming. Please keep me posted…. Hang in there…


Thinking of you and hoping this works out to be nothing. It must seem overwhelming but you sound like a very strong person, someone who is a rock. Hang in there.

Lost and Tired

Thanks dot. It’s so awesome to see everyone supporting each other. Not that I’m surprised but it’s just nice to see…. 🙂

Raynette Jones
Raynette Jones

thank you so much! i am ok right now. hoping to sleep. my son is so sick of going to the dr. he said that he didnt tell me sooner because he knew i would take him to the dr. he said if i make him go to the dr tomorrow he will not tell me anything that is wrong ever again. for his own sake nothing better be wrong with him cause if nothing is wrong, he is going to get the wrath of me. i did tell him he will regret saying that. i did not take it… Read more »