The week ahead: IVIG Infusion and calls to John’s Hopkins

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As we begin the second week of school today, we also begin a busy week. After I get the boys to school today, I have to continue working on arrangements to get Gavin out to John’s Hopkins ASAP.

Tuesday morning, I will be taking Gavin to Akron Children’s Hospital for September’s IVIG Infusion.

Tuesday also brings with it the return of OT for Elliott, followed closely by OT, PT and Speech for Emmett and Gavin both..hopefully anyway.

Lizze has 2 appointments as well.

With any luck, the week will be kind and everything will go off without a hitch.

The biggest concern I have for this week is how Gavin will react to the IVIG Infusion since his most recent crisis. With his number having recently changed, we haven’t had an infusion done in this new phase of his yet.  Until we do and I can safely put that behind us, I’m going to worry. 


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Angela McDonough

I also think you might beable to get ronald mcdonald house to pay for the hotel across the street from hopkins but dont know who you would go to for that

Angela McDonough

If you do have to come out this way to go to hopkins i am an hr 40 from there if ya need anything PLEASE BE CAREFUL in that neighborehood as it is a very very rough place

Lost and Tired

Thank you Paola Jordan

Paola Jordan

Hip hip hooray for you and Liz, you guys are amazing parents!!! Keep doing what you guys are doing, even if it feels that you are at the end of your rope.