Here’s some positive news

I picked up the boys from school this afternoon and everyone had a great day.  Elliott and Emmett weren’t really a surprise but Gavin says he didn’t even get frustrated today. 

If that’s true, good for him.  He needs a few more good days under his belt. My hope is that we can finish out the school year in a positive note as well. 

Great job boys, I’m sooooo proud of you… 🙂


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A completely unrelated question for you Rob: sometimes people are put off by my behavior — in fact, I’ve had times when people were under the impression that I hated them for some reason when I had no opinion of them at all. I’ve had doctors think there was something physically wrong with me because of my autism-type mannerisms. (I had one doctor who thought I might might have Seratonin Syndrome because I was rocking back and forth, not making eye contact and mumbling one- or two-word answers to his questions. In fact I was just under extreme stress.)

I already carrying around business cards for my Charley Project website. Do you think it might be a good idea to carry around some business cards saying “I have Asperger’s Syndrome, an autism spectrum disorder’ with maybe a few explanations about my behaviors? I could hand them out to people, not everyone I meet, but people who are mystified and/or concerned by the way I act. Would this help, do you think, or just weird people out even further?


Any decision on whether Gavin will repeat a grade or not?