Do you have any idea how today has gone? -

Do you have any idea how today has gone?

Its been one of those days that has dragged on forever. I’ve pretty much been nonstop since 7:00am this morning. 

On the plus side, I got a great many things accomplished. 

Gavin’s IVIG infusion is just about done (at the time of writing 8:30pm), so he will be off to bed shortly. That marks the end of my parenting stuff for the night. Sure, there’s still a million things I need to do still but I’m exhausted and need to be ready for two IEP meetings in the morning.  😱

Anyway, Emmett’s eyes checked out good and his new glasses will be ready in about a week. He will now have two backup pairs and I feel really good about that because I really like redundancy. 

Elliott had a great day at school and a pretty good day at home as well. We had our little bumps along the way but nothing major. 😀

Gavin was a big help again today but he’s slipping more and more. It’s becoming more and more obvious that something is wrong but there isn’t anything that can really be done at this point. 

I’m going to get some rest and regroup for tomorrow’s challenges. 

There are things that I wanted to get done but I’m happy with all I did get done and I’m going to focus on that for now.  😀❤️

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