The stress is killing me -

The stress is killing me

So far, today has been about as enjoyable as getting kicked in the nuts. Those of you that know how that feels can understand how bad today has sucked for me thus far. 

My server has been down, on and off since last night. 


I’m getting frustrated with social networking, especially Facebook because it’s taking a tremendous amount of effort for almost no payout.  I can’t afford to pay Facebook to allow my posts to be seen by my readers and I don’t have the time or energy constantly prune my page to keep my reach up.

All of this is moot if my server isn’t online and stable. 

I was contacted by a company that must have heard of my server issues but their services are much more expensive.  That being said, you get what you pay for. 

None of this is really anywhere close to being as important as the stuff we have going on with Gavin or the other boys but it’s something that I have actually have some control over. 

This site is managed almost exclusively from my Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Please forgive any typos as auto-correct HATES me. 😉

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Becky Wiren

But Rob, starting the day off on a bad foot is hard. I just got a refurbished laptop but have to send it back due to software issues. Just. Got. It. Had to do this several times before but never feels happy. I know your life is hard, hard hard and I’m sorry you have these crappy issues. Do NOT pay Facebook. I just clicked to get Notifications of your posts so I won’t miss. Anyway, you have fans (ME!) and we are there for you. Hope something positive happens to you today. You are in NE Ohio, right? Over here in NW Ohio it is very pretty, 60s and sunny. Maybe something good will happen for you all today. God bless! I know you have to have courage to keep facing the stuff you have and the problems you deal with. Take care.

Lost and Tired

Well said. The weather is beautiful today in Canton. I did get in a good walk this morning because of it. 🙂


Becky Wiren

Well, it doesn’t solve everything. But I have to imagine how much crappier things would be if this was February! Eek! (It does seem like things are always hard all the time though, doesn’t it?)

Lost and Tired

So true. It’s would be worse if it was still February… 😀

Becky Wiren

Oh God…winter was killing us. Almost literally! Having crappy weather like that on top of a family of sick people, which we are? Totally horrible. I can’t imagine how you all coped. Apparently you did, since you are still posting. 🙂

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