A message to everyone that knows a Special Needs Parent

I’m always looking to raise awareness, not only for people with Autism and Special Needs but also their parents and families.  I came across this quote and I don’t who wrote it but this says everything that so many Special Needs parents can very likely relate to. 

Please take a minute and read this quote before clicking the Like button and Sharing it with your social media networks. 

It’s so important that Special Needs parents and families get the love, support and understanding that they need and deserve.  Speaking from experience, if and when someone asks me how I’m doing, I usually say I’m fine, when the truth is I’m falling apart inside. 

Please remember that there is oftentimes more going on beneath that smile than what is on the surface……


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Christy Garrett

I am guilty of this myself. I suffer from chronic pain and fibro and I usually tell people I am okay even though I am in pain.

Lost and Tired

Welcome to the club Christy. Next time you bring the donuts. 🙂

Raynette Jones
Raynette Jones

i try to always say fine. If I don’t I wil cry. Then my contacts will be messed up and i cant stand to wear my glasses and cant afford more contacts because of crying. If i am having to explain what all is going on in my life people are sad about it for me and i can hear it in there voice (if i heard my story i would feel the same) and if they are really nice and mean it i will cry for sure. dont worry i get enough crying done but honest to God it… Read more »