Sometimes Bribery is the best option

OMG……. This is going to be a really, really, really long seven days.  Emmett is absolutely miserable and won’t keep his little fingers out of his eyes. 

Lizze has already spoken with the doctors office and they will likely just call the drops in without us having to make the 45 minute trip (one way) to be seen. 


All we can do to try and curb the spread of this illness is to make sure that Emmett is constantly washing his hands. 

As for how we are going to do the eye drops, I’ve hopefully resolved that issue.  How did I do that? Simple my friends….. Bribery.  That’s right!!! I’m not above bribing Emmett to take his drops.

He will get one mint for every drop he let’s us put into his eyes. 

With any luck, that’ll work…

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Kind of like an instant token board. And edibles are highly motivating.

Lost and Tired

Yeah….. This didn’t go so well… 🙁


🙁 Perhaps the mints aren’t as exciting as you thought? Something different perhaps? I wish I had better ideas for you. Best of luck


It isn’t bribery. It’s an actual reward system that behavior specialists use all the time! Good job and good luck!

Lost and Tired

Hadn’t thought about it like that……. 🙂