I’m at Urgent Care with Gavin

For the most part, Gavin was doing much better yesterday.  Towards the end of the day however, his fever popped up once again but he was still feeling fine. 

This morning however, he’s really gone downhill. 

He’s on Advil but his temperature was still approaching 104°F.  When I checked him again a bit later, he was down to 101.4°F. The next time I checked him, he was back up to 103.4°F. I took my own temperature, in order to try and verify it’s accuracy and it seems to be pretty consistent for me, even when his keeps bouncing around.

Just touching his forehead, I could feel he was burning up.  He’s also complaining of a severe headache. 

I tried getting him into his pediatrician but they didn’t have but one opening, after dinner and I didn’t want to wait that long.  I packed him up and we headed off to Aultman North (Urgent Care)….

This is day three of him running an on again off again high fever and he’s now coughing up some pretty gross stuff.  I’m concerned about pneumonia and just need to get him seen ASAP.  My other concern is that I have to give him his IVIG infusion in the morning and if his body stressed by fighting something off, adding the stress of the infusion might just make things worse or at the very least, muddy the water. 

With any luck, I’ll get some peace of mind and everything checks out fine. 

I’m avoiding the actual Emergency Room because I’m trying to limit his exposure to anything else…


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Rob Gorski

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Poor kid… I hope you get seen quickly and it all gets fixed.


There is alot of walking pneumonia going around. My oldest son caught it bad and had to be on Doxycycline for a really long time. There are some natural things that help with walking pneumonia- Lomatium, Houttynia (a chinese herb), Allimax (Allicin extract from Garlic) and Bidens Pilosa, natural antibiotic. I hope he feels better and fever goes down soon.

Rob Gorski

Thanks Rebecca… ☺


Poor kid… I hope you get seen quickly and it all gets fixed.