#TBT - Before My Heart was Broken -

#TBT – Before My Heart was Broken

I wanted to share something that I don’t think I ever shared before.  When it comes to heartache, the worst I’ve ever experienced was when we lost Gavin to regression, about 10 years ago. 

Lizze and I refer to time before he regressed as the before time. 

The before time is something between only Lizze and I.  We don’t like to tall about the before time because it reminds us of how much has happened and how much we’ve lost. 

The before time has been on the forefront of our minds lately because Gavin’s been getting worse and becoming more and more difficult to coexist with. Remembering the time before everything changed, is bittersweet because we know what we’ve lost but remember Gavin when he was who he was before.

The picture I’m sharing for Throw Back Thursday is one of my absolute favorites.

I don’t remember the details surrounding this picture but it was taken in our backyard, while Gavin was on the slide.

This was before Elliott was born and when Gavin was happy and healthy.

When things get really tough at home, I try to remember these times and they help me to make it through the pain. 

I actually keep this picture on my phone and look at it often.  However, until now, it’s been a private memory….


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