Please pray for Gavin -

Please pray for Gavin

Gavin is going to Akron Children’s Hospital Emergency Room.  He has been disoriented today and something is wrong. 

I’m concerned he maybe having seizures. His actions are consistent with some one post ictal,  the phase immediately following a seizure,  where is disorientation and even aggression.  As a paramedic,  I have seen this many,  many times. 

They have looked into seizures with Gavin before but nothing showed up at that point.  However,  something is very clearly wrong and we need to make sure he is OK.

Please keep him in you thoughts and prayers.

I’ll keep you all posted.

Thank you.

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Pure love and light to you and your family and darling Gavin ~ <3

Pure love and light to you and your family and darling Gavin ~ <3


Prayers for Gavin, and for you as well, Rob. You are a strong man.


The only way my son's seizures were detected were after he had a 24 hour video monitoring EEG where we stayed in the hospital for three and a half days and he was diagnosed with complex partial seizures. He had previously had three "normal 24 hour sleep deprived EEGs." I pray that you get some answers!
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He is my thoughts of course! Auntie Vet loves you Gavin! Hugs and kisses coming your way! Please keep me updated! <3 you all

Prayer said and will continue

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