Please stop the ride I’d like to get off now

Please stop the ride I’d like to get off now

Feeling pretty demoralized today.  I woke up to more Gavin related problems and drama this morning.  I’m getting so tired of this crap from him but as of this moment, we have zero options. 

Elliott’s sick and believe it or not, sounds like he has Croup.  He’s unable to sleep throughout the night and has been on his rescue inhaler about every 4 hours. 

We gave him a few days because he’s not running a fever and it really seemed like nasal drip that was causing the cough.  However, it’s gotten worse and because he has Asthma, we have to be really careful that it doesn’t evolve into something more serious. 

I’ve been up with him since before 5am and went back to bed for a bit when Lizze woke up.


This is when Gavin drama came into play…..

Anyway, I have to get Elliott to the doctors today that’s not going to be easy.  I have to physically get Elliott to the doctors and that’s something he’s deathly afraid of.  Then I have to ensure that Gavin’s not going to be a problem while I’m gone.

There are times where I just want to bang my head into the wall and make everything go away for a little while.

Things are pretty bad right now on quite a few fronts.  Our monthly food budget just doesn’t come close to what we need to make it through the month and that’s with the boys in school.

There’s only like 10 days left in this school year…. :-{

With the boys being home all the time, especially Gavin, I’m going to really be struggling.  I have to shield Lizze from as much of Gavin as humanly possible and let me tell you, it’s absolutely exhausting.

I’ve been working but there’s only so much time left in my day to dedicate to that. As an example, for the past 2 weeks at least one of the boys has been home almost every day due to either IVIG Infusions or Pink Eye.

I HATE Pink Eye…

There isn’t a measurement on this planet that can gauge my stress level right now. 

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