Divorce: I need to clear a few things up

I’m really, really tired and so please forgive any typos you may come across.

I wanted to take a few minutes and make a statement about something that’s been brought to my attention. 

A number of my readers have been reaching out via comments, email or social media out of concern. 

It seems that they have been reading things that the boys Mother is saying in regards to me.  I understand that there may be others involved in this as well.

Here’s the deal….

Look, I absolutely appreciate the concern.  I truly do. It’s nice to know that people care enough to be concerned. 

I have no access to any of these things because I’ve been banned or blocked.  I’m pretty sure it the same for my family as well because I would have heard about it from them as well.

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The truth is, I don’t care. 

I don’t care what may or may not be said by her or her friends/family.  I just don’t and neither should you. 

It’s simply not worth it. 

I actually spoke to her about this today and explained what people are saying.  I also told her the same thing I said above.  I don’t care what’s said about me. 

She asked me to point out that while it may seem like she’s talking about me, she’s not. Personally, I’m not sure how far that scooter will carry her but again, I don’t care. 

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If I cared what people thought about me, I would have closed up shop after my first batch of hate mail, during my early writing days.  lol

Everyone chooses his or her own path in life. 

I’ve chosen to handle things the way I am and I stand firmly behind my approach.  It’s not always easy but I feel it’s the right thing to do. 

I have no control over someone else’s words or actions. 

All I can control is how I carry myself and the example I set for my kids. I’m also trying to be an example for other people going through something similar. 

So the bottom line is this.

Just ignore whatever you read because that’s what I do.  I can’t focus on moving forward if I cling to things like this.. I know it’s frustrating to read but it’s just not worth it. 

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I’m not angry or upset because I know who I am and what I have and haven’t done.  That’s all that matters…

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