Okay… That was beyond creepy

Okay… That was beyond creepy

Lizze and I went to bed early tonight.  Early for us is anytime before 11pm. About 10 minutes ago, I woke to Gavin’s door opening.  It was really slow and it creaked. 

It’s currently about 2am and Gavin just went back to bed. 

For some reason, he was standing outside our bedroom door,  breathing. OMG…. I’m so creeped out right I can’t go back to sleep. 

I called out to Gavin through our closed door and asked him what he was doing.  He said he was using the bathroom but he was just sorta pacing the hallway and never went into the bathroom until I let him know I was aware he was out there. 

One of the reasons this is so creepy is that it isn’t the first time we’ve had to deal with him wandering around the hallway while we were sleeping. 


When he was younger and before he was on antipsychotics, he would sneak into our room at night and just stand there.  My skin crawls just thinking about this. 

I would wake up for some reason and when I opened my eyes, there he was just staring at me. 

It was like something straight out of a horror movie..

It took me forever to feel comfortable going to sleep at night because I was afraid that I would wake up to the same thing.  He never really said anything…. 

The battery on his door alarm needs to be replaced because it no longer chimes when he opens his door.  That will be addressed asap..

I’m hoping to eventually go back to sleep but right now I don’t see that happening……

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Christy Garrett

That is creepy. I wonder if he was sleep walking last night.


I feel sad for you that your child, sleepwalking or wandering his own house, with his own family, creeps you out so badly. I feel worse for him.


I feel sad for you that you don’t have better things to do than try to make someone feel guilty for being creeped out when waking to a starring face, regardless of who it is. Clearly the horror movie nature of the event lead to the fear, not his child. Troll along, please.

Lost and Tired

My child is a sociopath and hears voices that tell him to do things. We monitor him closely and are working to get him into residential treatment.

I wonder how you would react in the same situation???

megan Kitchen

Have you ever been woken up by someone staring at you and sleepwalking (not that I think that is what he was doing). I have and it is creepy.


Why is everyone jumping on this commenter? It *is* sad. Every one of us might respond in exactly the same way — and it would still be sad.

Lost and Tired

The commenter was looking at Gavin as a victim and feeling bad for him because I was creeped out. At least that’s how people are taking it..


But it IS sad for Gavin.

I’ve been reading this blog for a while, so I know exactly what Rob is talking about. While I can see where he is coming from, at the end of it all is a child who creeps his father out to this extent. It’s possible he just had insomnia and was hoping someone would wake up. His being there probably wasn’t sinister.

I’m not sure how the other readers don’t see the pity in the whole situation…For both Rob and Gavin.

Lost and Tired

It is sad. But you have to understand that there is a reason for feeling this way. You can’t remove this instance from the overall context of who Gavin is and what he does. It’s sad because our son is a sociopath and we have very, very good reason to be creeped out and even frightened. It’s sad that this is destroying our family and we have to make some very tough choices in order to preserve what’s left and try and heal the rest.

Gavin never asked to be this way and believe me, if anyone’s heart is breaking, it’s ours. However, we have to live with the reality of this and that includes being honest about what’s happening and how it makes us feel. .

I know it’s difficult to understand but there’s nothing we can do about it.

Thank you for recognizing that is sad for everyone involved. I truly appreciate it..

Clementine Kruczynski

It is sad that you don’t seem to actually read most of this blog and jump to conclusions about this. If you have not lived with a sociopath you have no idea how frightening this can be. I have. Sadly for my family my brother is now 29 and already a fellon refusing all treatment options. He is now facing another felony charge, only this time for carrying an illegal concealed weapon….he had a sawed off shotgun in his bag. The police found it after searching his belongings when he assulted my aunt. This is reality. It’s not pretty, it’s scary.

I’m so sorry. You are living what we fear is Gavin’s future. It’s so hard to help others understand what this is like because it honestly unbelievable.

Thanks for sharing and your family is in my thoughts and prayers.

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