This made my heart smile today

I was out walking this morning (5.03 miles, thank you) and while I was walking I was privileged enough to see something good truly amazing. 

When I walk, I do laps around the track at Stadium Park.  Each lap is about 1.5 miles. 

While I was walking, I came across this elderly couple and I would guess they are easily in their late 80’s or early 90’s. Each time around, I passed them and we exchanged a few words before continuing on our way. 

They were so sweet and I was just filled with a sense of awe. 

I didn’t get details but I didn’t need any to see how much in love they are.  They walked together on that track and held each others hand as though they were teenagers in love. 

In this day and age, this isn’t something you hear about very often.  It’s the sad reality of our society anymore. 

Every time I passed them on the track, I couldn’t help but smile and  feel a sense of hope. 


I never got their names but I felt truly blessed to have met them today.  My hope is that I will run into them again and I perhaps I will learn their names and a bit more about them. 

My life is pretty rough right now and I’ve all but given up hope.  This was just something that truly made my heart smile at time when all it seems to feel lately is sadness and pain. 

I thought perhaps seeing these beautiful people would bring a smile to your face.  It’s sorta like passing on the blessing. 

If I ever do meet them again, I will just thank them for being who they are and for brightening my day.  I hope this does the same for you as well. 

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Raynette Jones

i am glad they brightened your day! I hope tomorrow is a better day for you