Can you relate to this? 

Good morning all. I’m writing this thoroughly exhausted. Elliott was unable to fall asleep last night. He tried for almost five hours and just couldn’t sleep. By the time he talked to us he was really frustrated.  

We ended up camping out in the living room. 

It still took him another hour to fall asleep but at least he fell asleep. It should go without saying that I’m fucking tired and want nothing more than to fall asleep. 

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To make matters worse, the boys have been watching the annoying orange on YouTube and I think I can actually feel my brain cells dying because that show is so stupid. On the positive side, at least it’s entertaining them and that means no one is fighting. 

Are there any shows that your kids watch that entertains them but drives you crazy? Leave your comment below and let’s see if we can relate to each other. 

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  1. bwiren

    Shows that are annoying? Ahhahahahaha! I instantly remembered how Jacob and Henry loved Dragon Ball Z. We had one TV and I remember a mind-numbing month (years ago since they are adults) when we watched Goku “power up” every day. Each level was supposed to be the sh#t, but then Freeza would be winning and then Goku would power up for the nth time. My husband called it “Drag-on Ball Z.”

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