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Distance learning for the first time is pretty f*cking scary

School is getting closer and closer and I’m getting nervous. We will be distance learning for the first time because there isn’t a snowballs chance in hell that I would put my kids in a classroom right now. I know it’s the right thing to do but I’m questioning whether I’m the right person for …

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Navigating The In-Between

So last night was pretty rough. We’re coming up on the one year mark since Lizze moved out and while I feel like the kids are doing better, there’s still a tremendous amount of pain. Each of the kids deal with everything in different ways. Gavin simply accepts whatever he’s told, never questioning anything. Emmett …

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The Huggaroo Pouch is the perfect weighted blanket alternative (Review)

Huggaroo Pouch

The Huggaroo Pouch is a very affordable, high-quality compression sheet and an absolutely amazing alternative to more expensive, heavy weighted blankets.

We basically have 2 weeks before school begins

School supplies have started to arrive for Emmett. Elliott already received a textbook and laptop a few weeks back. Emmett received books, art supplies, a science kit and his laptop. The math workbook is enormous. We have about 2 weeks left before school is supposed to begin and frankly, I’m nervous. Things are already so …

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How #COVID19 Impacts the #Autism Community (feat. Alycia Halladay) S3E26

We recently had a discussion about how COVID19 impacts the Autism Community. We talk about family stress, school-related safety concerns, and even touch a bit on the upcoming COVID19 vaccine.

I let people get to me today

Generally speaking, I have pretty thick skin and I don’t take to heart some of the unkind things that are said to me. I figure it’s not worth getting upset over and more often than not, I simply don’t care. I get my share of hate mail but I don’t often talk about it because …

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