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I want to share some good news

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I’ve been living at my grandmother’s nursing home for the last couple of days. My brain is completely fried, and I’m exhausted beyond belief. While I was here yesterday, Lizze got word back from her neurologist about the results of her recent MRI that was done on her brain. Her… Read more »

There’s been too much loss in such a short amount of time

I’m spending the day once again with my grandmother and various members of my family, as they sort of come through to visit. It’s been a really long day, and I’m physically/emotionally exhausted. There’s not a great deal of religion in my life, and that’s by design. That being said,… Read more »

I’m grateful but heartbroken

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I spent the last 12 or 13 hours with my grandmother. I got home a little bit ago because the kids were getting freaked out that I was gone for so long. I’m going to try and grab a few hours of sleep before heading back. My Dad and uncle… Read more »

Things are rough right now, but life keeps moving forward

I slept pretty good last night, but I had weird dreams. It’s been a stressful week in a number of ways, and I’ve not really processed much of it. Some of the week’s events have been hugely positive, like Lizze not needing surgery and Gavin making it through all his… Read more »

Life is on hold for right now

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After I get Gavin to have his bloodwork done for the week, I’ll be spending most of the day with my grandmother. She’s not going to be with us much longer, and I want to be there as much as I can. I’m going to bring some work and just… Read more »

What You Need To Know About #Autism and Incontinence

Children with autism or other learning disabilities are at a higher risk of developing pediatric incontinence due to developmental delays that may impact proper toilet training…

It’s not at all what we expected

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I’m keeping this brief because I’m exhausted, both emotionally and physically. That said, I did want to let you know what happened at Lizze’s appointment with her orthopedic specialist. The X-rays came back and apparently; there’s nothing that requires surgical intervention. That’s awesome but not at all what we thought… Read more »

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