We took a pretty big risk and here’s why

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Financially, things are very, very tight this month. It wasn’t the best way to start off the new year but it’s temporary and things will be vastly improved by next month.

In order to make a meager grocery budget make it this month, we took a pretty big risk and decided to shop at Aldi’s. Historically that hasn’t ended well because the kids don’t like the change in the packaging,  taste or texture of the food they sell.

Frankly, I notice a change in taste and texture but I just deal with it because I’m not struggling with sensory issues.

We really didn’t have a choice this month and so we took the boys with us.

We’re hoping that by including them in this shopping trip, they will feel differently about the change in food because they helped pick it out. Think of this as trying to frame this in a positive way.

The big worry is Emmett and Elliott who struggle there most with sensory related food issues. Gavin is highly motivated by food and will eat anything from anywhere as long at it doesn’t have beans in it. ☺

Both the E’s had Little Caesars for dinner and so we haven’t been able to see if this scooter will start, so to speak.

We’ll find out more as the week goes on and they explore the pantry. If this works, it means good things moving forward. If it doesn’t, this month is going to be even more challenging.

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Marisa Ulrich

We do great with Aldi’s for nearly everything. We do supplement, however, with those few items our kids are attached to, such as cookie dough pop tarts at Wal-mart. But, we still save a ton! 🙂


I’m hoping to accomplish this as well.

Nicole Salmela

I really hope it works. Thankfully we started our Aspie on Aldi food very early on and now there are only certain foods he will eat from there. Good luck – I look forward to hearing how it goes.


I’m hoping they do well with this change… I wish we’d started earlier..

Nick Hughes

good luck!!!



Walk To Ottawa

I don’t have much either but I’d like to try and help. DM please. Nobody should be hungry.


I appreciate that but it’s not that bad.. The budget is much tighter than normal but we’ll be fine. That’s really nice of you though… ☺