I thought we were doing okay until the massive meltdown 

I felt like we were having a good morning. Everyone got their meds in time, and Gavin even had his IVIG infusion first thing. I wasn’t aware of any fighting, or any other form of brotherly spats. 

Everything seemed to be going so well. 

I had made plans for the boys and I to meet my Mom at the park. Everyone was excited to go. Emmett wasn’t as excited as his brothers, but he was happy to go. 

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Unfortunately, the moment he tried putting a shirt on, everything fell apart. All of a sudden, the next holes in his shirts are no longer tolerable. We tried tons of different shirts, but he was so upset at this point, I couldn’t really understand his concerns about his shirts. 

We finally found a shirt that would work, after close to a dozen attempts. 

Once that was squared away, he began freaking out over his shoes, or rather his crocs. It took a ton of encouragement, a shitload of patience, and several different pairs before he chose flip flops. 

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The meltdown passed and we were on our way.. By that point however, I was pretty tired. 

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