A few concerns have bubbled to the surface today

Gavin missed his IVIG Infusion yesterday because his supplies never showed up. I called the pharmacy and they are apparently waiting on a new order from his doctor. They expect to have that some time today and then we should get the supplies this week sometime.

This always makes me nervous and I know it upsets Gavin because not only does it break his routine but he also misses an infusion. As much as he hates these life saving infusions, he hates missing them even more.

He’s feeling a little better knowing that he might have his supplies before his next scheduled Infusion on Friday.

Mr. Emmett hasn’t been feeling well today. He ended up in my room at some point last night because he had a stomach ache. He did make it through class today and even got most of his work done. At the moment, he’s taking a break and will finish up his final assignment this afternoon.

In other news, Elliott has begun chasing a dream. He’s very interested in coding and creating mods for both Minecraft and Terraria. He’s been doing this from his phone for a little while but it presents a ton of challenges.

Last night he approached me about getting his own laptop because he needs a Windows pc to accomplish some of the things he’s trying to accomplish. I’m not in a position to purchase a laptop and if I was, I would need to replace mine because it’s for work and it’s having problems. It’s likely nearing its expiration date. I’ve talked about this a few times already.

Anyway, I want to support Elliott learning to code and mod because he could make a career out of this. Even if he doesn’t, it’s something he really enjoys and is getting good at it. Having a positive distraction is never a bad thing.

My laptop can’t really run Minecraft but I can run Terraria. I purchased Terraria for Elliott and he has been knee deep in creating his own mods. I’ve been able to offload a large part of my workload to my tablet and until I replace my laptop, I’m only using it to run Adobe Creative Cloud for the podcast.

I figured it’s worth the risk at this point because Elliott really needs the constructive outlet. Anyway, I feel really good about this and I like seeing Elliott exploring his passions. His photography has been a bit hampered due to COVID and the weather.

Anyway, hopefully Emmett feels better and Gavin’s infusion supplies come in before he’s due for his next infusion.

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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