The first solid piece of good news this week

While I’m unsure of what to make in regards to Gavin labs, there is one piece of good news we know of for sure. Ruby’s visit to the vet went very well. ☺

I didn’t think it would go poorly but I wasn’t sure how she was going to do while being poked and prodded by the vet. Little dogs can be assholes and not big fans of meeting new people.

Ruby did awesome and never had to be muzzled.

She’s tipping the scales at a whopping 6.6 lbs. She’s heartworm free and every other worm free as well. Her vaccines are up to date and we can begin planning for her surgery sometime in late March or early April. It’s all good news as far as Ruby’s concerned and I’m grateful for that… ☺

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  • Pony says:

    What made you think she had worms? And what does she have if it isn’t the worms that you first thought it was?

    • Rob Gorski says:

      Okay. Fair question. I was trying to spare you the gross details, but since you asked.. lol

      We thought she had worms because she has been dragging her butt across the floor and is constantly wanting to eat, which is often a sign of worms as well.

      Turns out she’s not dragging her butt on the floor, she’s dragging her vagina across the floor. She’s been out of heat for about 2 weeks now but the vet said her uvula is still a bit swollen and I guess a bit itchy. It will go away on its own and is a normal part of the heat cycle. ☺