The other shoe just dropped

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Anytime we get even a tiny bit of good news, deep down inside, we’re waiting for the other shoe to drop. There were three things that I needed to go well today. One was Gavin’s lab work, another was Ruby’s appointment and finally resolving whatever is causing problems with his Clozapine prescription.

I’m not sure what to think about Gavin’s labs (see Why good news doesn’t always make me feel better), but Ruby’s appointment went well (see The first solid piece of good news this week). The last thing has to do with Gavin’s meds and that brings me to the other shoe that just dropped.

There was a delivery of medications this afternoon and dispite being promised they would fill it, the pharmacy still didn’t have Gavin’s prescription ready. I was so pissed off that Lizze had to make the call and spear head this for me because I wouldn’t be able to play nice.

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Lizze was told that we don’t have time to call the lab once a week for Gavin’s labs, just to fill his script. If they don’t fax it to us, we won’t fill it.

First of all, it’s your fucking job to fill the script. If that means you need to take two minutes to call the lab for results, suck it up and fucking do it. They know how serious Clozapine is and yet they don’t take it seriously.

There’s a very specific protocol that needs followed in order to fill the script and the pharmacy is a central part of that.

We take Gavin for his bloodwork each Monday. The lab sends the blood to another lab across town, who analyze the samples and report the results to the pharmacy. The pharmacy then contacts a special governing body with the lab results and they give permission to release seven more days worth of pills.

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The problem is, the pharmacy says the lab isn’t faxing them the results and they can’t take the time to call for them. The lab says they faxed the results twice already and if the pharmacy doesn’t have them, they don’t know what to say.

There’s no option for me to hand deliver the results either. The only thing I can do is be a motherfucking squeaky wheel. I’ve no problem picking the meds up, so delivery isn’t the problem either.

My head is ready to explode and I’m pissed the fuck off, if you can’t tell. I don’t usually curse this much but this is getting old. In fact, it was old awhile ago.

Switching pharmacies isn’t really an option because we’re very limited now due to insurance no longer covering the main pharmacies.

I’m going to out my earbuds in and try to relax. Getting this worked up isn’t going to help anyone.