Holding my own and not giving up

Holding my own and not giving up

Today has not gone as planned. Elliott didn’t sleep well at all last night and was beyind exhausted and not feeling well this morning. Emmett was up on and off with nightmares as well. That means that I got a really shitty night’s sleep myself.

Elliott was unable to make it to school this morning which sorta changes my calculus for the day. In fact, he was so exhausted, he did wake up until about 1PM. Even at that point he looked like death warmed over.

I did make further progress with Emmett and home instruction. I was able to get the signed copy of the letter to the school and I should be hearing back from the principal in short order.

The kids were supposed to see their mom for a few hours tonight but unfortunately, they have a stomach bug floating around their household and we simply cannot risk exposure at this time. The kids were sick from Thanksgiving until just before Christmas and I don’t want to take any needless risks. She agreed and we cancled the physical visit. Maybe they can video chat with her tonight. We’ll figure something out because I know they’re disappointed.

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