What our school is doing to limit the ability of someone to sneak a gun into the building

With the tragic rise in school shootings, I know that parents and students are worried about safety while inside the school shooting. Lizze and I are worried as well. It’s really important that as parents, we find out what our schools are doing to keep our kids safe while they are in the school building.

Don’t make this anymore complicated than it needs to be. Be very direct, come straight out and ask what safety measures are being taken to ensure the safety of the kids in their care.

This afternoon, there was an announcement sent out from our school administration, in regards to an immediate change they are making, in order to help ensure safety.

The school is banning any and all backpacks, starting tomorrow. This will limit someone’s ability to sneak a weapon into the school. It’s not perfect but it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

They will be are purchasing clear bags for the kids, should they need or want to use one.

Some people might complain about privacy but fuck privacy. I don’t care if you see what’s in my son’s bag. He doesn’t need a bag. I don’t care if he needs to carry his folder or whatever out in the open. If there’s nothing to hide, there shouldn’t be a problem. My only concern is safety at this point.

There are other safety measures in place but this is the newest change and I wanted to see what your school is doing.

What is your school doing to keep your kids safe?

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Kim Gebhardt

I know that this has F all to do with the safety issue, but please tell me the principal did not send out a memo using that font. That said, clear bags are probably a good choice. The schools here have held shelter in place drills for years but they still allow backpacks. I’m curious if that will change in light of the most recent shooting. Clear bags are used at sporting events and concerts and lots of arenas will search you on the way in.

Rob Gorski

Haha … That’s the font on my phone. The message came over the school app but an official letter was sent home.

I’m actually going to be asking about the shelter in place drills tomorrow..

Becky Wiren

I know when I worked retail we weren’t allowed to take our purses out on the floor at all. We had to carry plastic totes issued to us from the store. Of course, that was to cut down on theft. I actually started carrying a small wallet in my pocket that contained my money and cards.

I’m sorry to say that I had a selfish thought, that my sons are adults and don’t have to worry about a school shooting. Having said that, the constant mass shootings in this country sicken me, and for young people to die? Makes me cry.

I hope your sons are safe, Rob.