6 Unique Ways to Treat Yourself

6 Unique Ways to Treat Yourself

The internet is full of self-care tips, but sometimes, a kale-infused smoothie isn’t enough to get you back on your feet. While face masks and spa-trips are fun, they are the only ways to show yourself some love. Here are six unique ways to treat yourself.  

1. Get a Subscription Box 

Subscription boxes are great because the treat never ends! No matter what you order, you’ll receive something exciting at your door every week, fortnight, or month. Have a look around for some cool, unique subscription boxes such as scentmagic.com, which sends you a month’s worth of designer perfume every month.

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2. Spend Time with a Pet 

Spending time with a pet actively boosts your mood. Plus, they’re adorable! If you fancy treating yourself, then why not spend some quality time with your pet? If you don’t have a furry friend of your own, offer to look after your friend or family member’s pet for the day – I’m sure they won’t mind the extra peace for an afternoon! 

3. Cook a Meal You’ve Never Heard of 

When cooking, most people stick to the same home menu that they are comfortable with. While this is fine, especially when you have little time for cooking, sometimes, it’s fun to make it interesting and try something you’ve never done before. 

Have a look around for tasty recipes and choose one that you’ve never heard of but sounds delicious. Allow yourself a glass of wine and your favorite album while you cook, and then enjoy the previously unknown meal! 

4. Watch a Film from Your Childhood 

When choosing what movie to watch, you probably scour through Netflix for the latest popular hit, but why not go back to the older days of cinema? Whatever year you were born in, there is sure to be a movie that you once loved. Whether it’s a childhood film or a comedy where half the jokes previously went over your head, the nostalgia you get will fill you with happiness.  

5. Walk Through the City 

Yes, a walk through nature is refreshing, but something is reassuring about walking through a bustling city. Next time you are ready to put on your walking boots, venture into the city and taking in all the blinding lights and rushing people. 

Don’t worry too much about shopping or finding somewhere to eat (unless something catches your eye!) – just walk. You will feel both small and large while you watch thousands of people go about their individual lives. 

6. Hire a One-Time Cleaner 

Cleaning is a job that never ends. When you spend your mornings doing the dishes and the evenings sweeping and putting a load of washing on, the simple treat of someone else sorting the house out can feel like the best gift you have ever received. 

You don’t have to hire a regular maid to get your house cleaned; simply hiring a one-time cleaner to do a day’s work will give you much more time in the day to relax and enjoy the cleanliness surrounding you.

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