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It’s not easy raising a child with #schizophrenia

Coexisting with a person who has Schizophrenia can be a very difficult, frustrating, painful, heartbreaking and confusing experience. It’s even harder when that person is one of your children and there’s not much you can do to help them.

This is what #Schizophrenia looks like to my family

Over the years, I’ve tried to document the many things we deal with as a special needs family. It’s important to me that I help to educate the public because there will come a time where I will no longer be here and I take a small comfort in the knowledge that my efforts today …

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Schizophrenia in Real-Life: How we’re addressing the voices

I wanted to take a few minutes and update you on Gavin’s current status. We’ve been dealing with the return of voices and they’ve been instructing him to change the way he takes his meds. We spoke to his psychologist and here’s what’s going on. Please be sure to subscribe for future, weekly updates.

Talking with a #Schizophrenic Part 1

In this video, I listen to my son with both Autism and Schizophrenia, tell me about a mission he must go on to save the universe. This is typically the nature of his Schizophrenic hallucinations. This is NOT his imagination. This is how Schizophrenia impacts his life. The purpose of this video is to educate, …

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We had a challenging day but this is why it was also rewarding

We’ve had a pretty eventful day. The boys did great at school today and that’s ways a good thing. ☺ On the way home, Emmett informed us that he was invited to another birthday party, only this time it was less than 24 hours notice. They passed out invitations at the end of the day …

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Heartbreaking: We do what we must for those that we love

I’m way behind on this update, but life has been getting in the way of writing. That said, what better time than the present to get everyone caught up. This particular update is in regards to Gavin and Wednesday night therapy. I had mentioned that he was chomping at the bit to update us on …

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