We escaped for a little while today

The kids had a mixed bag kind of day because life is just getting to be a bit much lately. I got the kids to school and we made it through the school day. I mean, it’s remote learning so we didn’t have to go very far but it can still be a challenge. Everyone …

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Communicating with my adult #autistic son

I’ve mentioned this a few times before but Gavin and I have a unique relationship. We’re very very close and direct with each other. I’ve learned over 20 years that Gavin needs people to be very direct with him. If you give him any room to interpret the meaning in your words, he will often …

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6 Unique Ways to Treat Yourself

young woman embracing and caressing obedient cat at home

The internet is full of self-care tips, but sometimes, a kale-infused smoothie isn’t enough to get you back on your feet. While face masks and spa-trips are fun, they are the only ways to show yourself some love. Here are six unique ways to treat yourself.   1. Get a Subscription Box  Subscription boxes are great …

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T-minus 30 Days

We’re just beginning to wade into 2021 and there are already some major changes coming our way. Perhaps the most important is the finalization of my divorce. Lizze and I learned that exactly 30 days from today, our divorce will be final. That’s a good deal faster than either one of us had planned on. …

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Check out @NoNetzSuits sensory friendly clothing

It’s no secret that sensory issues have impacted my kids for years. Clothing has been one of the most challenging for Emmett in particular. Socks have been difficult for him but we can more easily work around him not wearing socks. Unfortunately, there are some items of clothing that we really can’t easily go without. …

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Why Busy Parents Should Invest in an Air Fryer

In a perfect world, we would all butcher our own meat, grow our own organic vegetables, and water them with unicorn tears. But in reality, we are just too busy. We have a job, kids, schoolwork, piano lessons, and soccer practice. This easily gives me an excuse to eat fast food and put my family’s …

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