Today’s #Autism Quote of The Day: The Truth About Meltdowns

Today’s Autism Quote of The Day is from an unknown source but it’s truly amazing.  I feel like if people could understand these simple words, there …

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Today’s powerful #Autism quote is by Spectrum Superstars (@spectsuperstars)

Today’s Quote of The Day is less of a quote and more of glimpse into the heart of an Autism parent.  This was created …

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Today’s Quote of The Day is all about preparing our kids with #Autism for change

Today’s Quote of The Day touches on something that I know, so many of us struggle with. 

As parents to children with Autism, we’ve …

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Today’s #Autism Quote of The Day: Frustrating limits to expressive language

I don’t know who wrote this particular quote and certainly cannot take credit for it but it’s a really good one nonetheless.  

This quote touches …

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Today’s Quote of The Day is the single best piece of advice I’ve heard in regards to #Autism Parenting 

I try to find Autism related quotes that will truly resonate with my readers, while highlighting the author or creator as well. Sometimes it’s not possible but …

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How you should and shouldn’t treat a Special Needs Family

If you have ever wondered what you should or shouldn’t say or do around a special needs family, hopefully this will help. 

I have no …

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An important FACT about #Autism and #Sensory related feeding challenges 

It there was one fact about Autism and Senory related feeding challenges that I wish the world could freaking wrap their heads around, it would …

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