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Can anyone relate to this? 

People ask me all the time to describe what it’s like to be an Autism parent. That’s a tough question and I often struggle to come up with the words to help people better understand.  It occurred to me yesterday that being an Autism parent is very my like trying to catch water in a …

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Today’s #Autism Quote of The Day: The Truth About Meltdowns

I don’t know who created this but their words perfectly speak to what a meltdown is and what it isn’t. It’s heartwrenching in many ways because of how closely I can personally relate to this. Can anyone relate to this? Please Like and Share if you do….. ☺

Today’s powerful #Autism quote is by Spectrum Superstars (@spectsuperstars)

Please help share this powerful message by Spectrum Superstars and be sure to stop by and check out Spectrum Superstars because that have an awesome page.. ☺


Today’s Quote of The Day is all about preparing our kids with #Autism for change

If you can relate to this, please pass it along.. I really love this quote because I think so many of us can relate to this exact same scenario….

I take no credit for this quote but have no idea who actually created it.

Today’s #Autism Quote of The Day: Frustrating limits to expressive language

Stop by and read my thoughts on how this quote apply to my life as an #Autism parent. If you like, agree or cam simply relate, please pass this along so others can see it as well.

Today’s Quote of The Day is the single best piece of advice I’ve heard in regards to #Autism Parenting 

When I’m asked to provide a single piece of advice to newly initiated #Autism Parents, today’s Quote of The Day is what I’ve been telling parents for almost a decade…and it’s still as true now as it was back then… ☺

Image Credit: www.thefate.org

How you should and shouldn’t treat a Special Needs Family

By liking and sharing this post, you can help to educate the public as to what they should and shouldn’t do/say to a special needs family…

An important FACT about #Autism and #Sensory related feeding challenges 

This fact is one of the bigger challenges I face as parent to three boys with #Autism and #Sensory process challenges. Please help educate by sharing this post.