Today’s #Autism Quote of The Day: The Truth About Meltdowns

Today’s Autism Quote of The Day is from an unknown source but it’s truly amazing.  I feel like if people could understand these simple words, there would be far fewer assumptions made about people on the Autism Spectrum. 

This quote perfectly sums up what a meltdown truly is and what it truly isn’t. 

Please share this and help people have a better understanding.  Maybe this can help bring a bit more compassion into the world. 

I don’t know who created this but I want to thank them for their words….… Read More

Today’s powerful #Autism quote is by Spectrum Superstars (@spectsuperstars)

Today’s Quote of The Day is less of a quote and more of glimpse into the heart of an Autism parent.  This was created by Spectrum Superstars and they’ve created some really awesome graphics. 

Credit: Spectrum Superstars (

Truthfully, what Autism parent can’t relate to this.  I could have written this about my kids because it applies so well to what so many of us experience as parents to our amazingly unique kids on the Autism Spectrum. 

Please help share this powerful message and be sure to stop by and check out Spectrum Superstars because that have an awesome page..  ☺

Today’s Quote of The Day is all about preparing our kids with #Autism for change

Today’s Quote of The Day touches on something that I know, so many of us struggle with. 

As parents to children with Autism, we’ve learned from experience to prepare our kids ahead of time for anything that might disrupt their routine or cause them distress. 

On the other hand however, we are constantly having to weigh the idea of preparing our kids for change vs giving them no warning because they will perseverate over said change and become distressed over it.… Read More

Today’s Quote of The Day is the single best piece of advice I’ve heard in regards to #Autism Parenting 

I try to find Autism related quotes that will truly resonate with my readers, while highlighting the author or creator as well. Sometimes it’s not possible but with today’s quote it was. 

Today’s Quote of The Day is one that I couldn’t agree with more.… Read More

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