Can anyone relate to this? 

People ask me all the time to describe what it’s like to be an Autism parent. That’s a tough question and I often struggle to come up with the words to help people better understand.  It occurred to me yesterday …

Today’s #Autism Quote of The Day: The Truth About Meltdowns

I don’t know who created this but their words perfectly speak to what a meltdown is and what it isn’t. It’s heartwrenching in many ways because of how closely I can personally relate to this. Can anyone relate to this? Please Like and Share if you do….. ☺

Today’s Quote of The Day is the single best piece of advice I’ve heard in regards to #Autism Parenting 

When I’m asked to provide a single piece of advice to newly initiated #Autism Parents, today’s Quote of The Day is what I’ve been telling parents for almost a decade…and it’s still as true now as it was back then… ☺

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