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I try to never take breaks for granted

It was a pretty quiet evening. The kids were at their grandparents, and I’m writing this after sleeping in till 10:30 AM. That felt really good, and I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity. Lizze and I went for a short walk last night before picking up dinner and settling into watching Wandering Earth on Netflix. …

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I’m emotionally drained today but trying to work through it

I feel really rundown today, but it’s mostly emotional. Lizze isn’t having a good day at all, but the boys are doing okay. Gavin’s been in his room for most of the day but occasionally stops down to see if there’s anything he can do to help. Lizze has been down for a little while, …

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UPDATE: How my #Autism family is surviving our #COVID19 lockdown (4/16/2020)

Here’s an update on how my Autism and Special Needs family is managing on lockdown during the COVID19 pandemic. I wanted to provide you with a list of reliable sources for information regarding COVID19. Facts, science medicine and accurate, truthful information matter now more than ever. These are a few of the people and places …

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Supportive tips for traveling with your autistic child

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Everyone deserves a holiday, and we all know that the lead up to any vacation is both exciting and demanding. With so much to plan and organize it’s easy to leave an item behind or to forget about something. But as a parent with a child on the autistic spectrum, you’ll fully understand that travelling …

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Why Genetic Testing is Vital for Kids with #Autism (feat. Lukas Lange of Probably Genetic) S3E9

In this week’s episode, I speak with Lukas Lange, the CEO and co-founder of Probably Genetic. Probably Genetic is working very hard to make genetic testing more accessible to families who need it. Families like mine. Lukas and I discuss what genetic testing is, the role genetics plays in our lives and why it’s so …

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What You NEED To Know About #Measles and Other VPD’s (S3E2)

Dr. Tara Smith stops by to talk about the dangers of vaccine preventable diseases and why vaccinating is so important. We discuss the facts about VPD’s like Measles, Whooping Cough and Flu. These are very serious conditions that can be fatal, especially to the immunocompromised, those with HIV/AIDS, cancer patients on chemotherapy, the very old and the very young.

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