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Does your child with #Autism wander?

Wandering is huge problem in the Autism community. Does your child with #Autism wander? The Vivint Gives Back foundation can help.

Helping Our Kids Survive COVID19 Lockdown (feat. Mary Jane Weiss, Ph.D) S3E19

This week’s episode is all about helping our kids survive the COVID19 lockdown. Mary Jane Weiss, Ph.D, joins me to discuss ways we can help our kids better maintain, both emotionally and physically in a situation in which their entire world has been turned upside down. Mary Jane has worked in the Autism and ABA …

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ADHD, Anxiety, COVID19, and Trump (feat. Hazel McAdam) S3E17

In this week’s episode, (recorded on 4/8/2020) I talk with my friend Hazel McAdam. Hazel and I decided to have a conversation about everything from ADHD, Anxiety and COVID19 to politics and how the outside world views the Trump administration’s handling of the COVID19 pandemic. I don’t typically, delve into politics but it’s interesting to …

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Parent to Parent (feat. Melissa Winchell) S3E16

This is a very special episode. I speak parent to parent with Melissa Winchell about the struggles our families are facing on COVID19 lockdown. Melissa’s family was featured on ABC News recently, along with mine and few others. ABC News were exploring the impact COVID19 lockdown is having on special needs families like ours. I …

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30 Days On Lockdown S3E14

In this shorter episode, I discuss a major milestone we’ve reached, 30 days on total lockdown. I share how I’m managing a seriously delicate medication situation with my oldest. I talk about how we’re doing and the struggles I’m facing as a single Dad during the worst pandemic in a century. Please remember that self-care …

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Managing Depression on Lockdown (S3E12)

In this episode, I open up about how I’m managing my depression while I’m on total lockdown with my 3 Autistic kids. Those of us who live with mental health issues may find ourselves struggling more because of all that’s going on around us. I hope that my experience can help someone else. Please remember …

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