Review: @Jiobit is a location tracker for kids with #Autism that works incredibly well

Review: @Jiobit is a location tracker for kids with #Autism that works incredibly well

I’m a huge technology junkie and love using it to improve the quality of my family’s life. Sometimes, however, something comes to my attention that I want to bring to my reader’s ASAP because I believe it can have a direct impact on their lives or the lives of their loved ones.

Jiobit is one such product.

Jiobit is a tiny GPS tracker for kids, and when I first saw it, I reached out to see if I could try it. They sent one out and I’ve been using it for a couple of months.

Most of us are familiar with the many safety-related reasons why someone might want their kids to carry a GPS tracker. Sometimes it’s making sure they get where they’re supposed to go, and other times, it’s just a safety precaution.

While everyone may have a different reason for wanting their child to have a GPS tracker, when it comes to Autism parenting, GPS tracking can literally mean the difference between life and death.

Why in the world do parents need a GPS tracker for their child with Autism? Simply put, roughly 50% of children with Autism will wander away from a place of safety. Autistic kids tend to gravitate towards bodies of water, as well as places like train tracks. The heartbreaking reality is that in far too many cases, these kids lose their lives as a result of drowning or severe injury. Wandering is a fear that is always present in the minds of Autism parents.

I’ve been talking about this for years. In fact, I was even part of a startup that designed and built a GPS tracker to address the needs of Autism parents. Unfortunately, that never panned out, and I’ve spent years looking for a product that I genuinely believe will save lives.

The idea behind using GPS trackers with Autistic kids is that in the event of wandering, the parent or caregiver can react immediately. Timing is critical when it comes to recovering a wandering child, and GPS can provide you with a real-time location so that you can intervene ASAP.

Jiobit is a very tiny device, about the size of a key fob, but it’s an incredibly powerful safety tool.

Jiobit is very well built. It connects via cellular, Bluetooth, and or wifi. It’s water and shockproof. This discreet little tracker only needs charged about once a week and provides accurate, real-time locations across 150+ countries – even indoors. The device is modular in the sense that it includes attachments that snap firmly into place and allow for multiple means of attaching the tracker to your child.

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Chris Saddler

We’ve used Care Trak International since 14 years ago when my son with autism decided to go swimming in Puget Sound, at night.
We live in Alaska where GPS and cell phone coverage isn’t great. We have registered the frequency number of our son’s transmitter with our local search and rescue team.

Comment edited to remove link as I need to vet it.

ann b

We have jiobit too and I love it. Easy to attach, good customer service, and the app is easy. We’ve had ours since sept and I have been very pleased with its accuracy as well.

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