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Going to the dentist in the midst of a pandemic

It was a stressful day yesterday and not just because it was a Monday. I had to take Emmett to the dentist to get his tooth fixed. I was not excited about that because we were well outside of my COVID comfort zone but it was a necessary evil. His dentist is out of town …

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Please keep Emmett in your thoughts

Emmett’s in a bad way. He’s hit a fever flare and this one is particularly painful. His first mouth sore popped up two days ago and there are likely more to follow. The poor kid is in a tremendous amount of pain and there’s not much I can do to help. We’ve doubled up on …

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I’m so unbelievably grateful and here’s why

Huge thanks to CKP Heating & Cooling, LLC for working with me today. Our furnace went down and we’ve been on lockdown for 281 days because my son is #immunocompromised and #COVID is deadly serious. Jake came out, wore a mask the entire time and talked to me via phone so we didn’t have to …

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