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What do I mean when I say we’re on lockdown?

I wanted to clarify something. When I say that we’re on lockdown, I’m referring to the fact that 99.95% of the time we’re at home. We have zero contact with other people. The boys have seen their mom twice because everyone needs to quarantine for 14 days prior to the kids going over. It’s not …

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150 days of #COVID19 lockdown and the #depression is real

The boys and I have been on lockdown for 150 days today. It’s crazy to think it’s been this long and it’s even crazier to think we could be looking at almost another year before we get access to a vaccine. While we’re all safe and healthy, that doesn’t mean we’re doing great. Don’t get …

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I’m excited about our plans today

At some point today, we will be heading over to my parents house to celebrate my Mom’s birthday. We haven’t really seen my family in a month or so. There’s no reason, just life and different schedules.  I’m really excited to give my Mom our gift but it won’t be here until next week sometime.  …

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