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Helping my son learn to forgive

I had a very challenging morning with my youngest. He’s a ball of rage and pain and fear and anger. He got into it with his brothers this morning and just exploded. This isn’t who he is but rather how he reacts to all the feelings he keeps locked inside. Yes, Mightier helps him manage …

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I taught my kids something today

We took on an impromptu project this afternoon. The screen door to the balcony off my bedroom was probably original to the house. The balcony is actually called a sleeper porch but we’ve never used it for that. It’s just a nice place to sit in the spring and fall. Anyway, the screen was brittle …

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Important Life Lessons that Sports can Teach your Child

We all know how vital it is to be active and keep ourselves healthy through physical exercise, and one of the best ways to do this is through sports. Exercising, especially when we’re young, has many health benefits, such as strengthening our bones, clearing out bad cholesterol from our arteries, and reducing the risk of …

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