When your special needs kid turns 18, there’s a ton of shit you have to worry about

We just finished meeting with Social Security. Gavin has to requalify for permanent disability now because he's eighteen years old. The appointment only took about an hour and that's not too bad. I felt terrible because there were people without appointments who'd already been waiting almost five hours for a possible walk-in appointment. That absolutely sucks. Anyway, we answered all the necessary questions and they were really good with Gavin. Now we wait four or five months and see what happens. I'm still his payee and there was no paperwork needed for that. When Lizze and I gain permeate guardianship, I'll have to submit those papers but it doesn't really change anything. They will be pulling all of Gavin's medical records since his last appoval and using that to determine…

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Sometimes change is good

There's been an unexpected change of plans today. I've had to reschedule the SSI appointment because I wake up not feeling well. I'm the only one that can take Gavin because I'm the payee. It also turns out that there is some paperwork that I didn't realize I needed that makes rescheduling the best thing to do anyway. I hate last minute changes in plans, but sometimes it's unavoidable. Sometimes it also proves to be the best possible thing. 😊


#Autism Parenting: The Transition to Adulthood has Begun

It's going to be a slightly stressful day today because I have to meet with social security in regards to Gavin. Part of this is merely a routine review, but the other part of it is going to be dealing with Gavin turning 18 and me retaining my payee status over his account. I'm not worried about Gavin qualifying because he qualifies. I've just never had to do this before. It's the first time we've had to have one of these meetings as they only happen every so many years. Hopefully, this will be done in under two hours because otherwise, I'll be late getting the kids from school. Meeting with social security is the first of many steps we will have to take because Gavin has turned 18. The…