#Autism Parenting: The Transition to Adulthood has Begun

It’s going to be a slightly stressful day today because I have to meet with social security in regards to Gavin. Part of this is merely a routine review, but the other part of it is going to be dealing with Gavin turning 18 and me retaining my payee status over his account.

I’m not worried about Gavin qualifying because he qualifies. I’ve just never had to do this before. It’s the first time we’ve had to have one of these meetings as they only happen every so many years.

Hopefully, this will be done in under two hours because otherwise, I’ll be late getting the kids from school.

Meeting with social security is the first of many steps we will have to take because Gavin has turned 18. The transition to adulthood has begun.

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kimmy gebhardt
kimmy gebhardt

It’s entirely possible that I’m wrong but I think you are going to have to be named guardian over Gavin before anything else can happen with his money. If it’s anything like any other form of guardianship, the funds will have to go into an account specifically for him and then the trustee (whether it be you or some other person appointed by the court) will have to account for all the money spent. There is usually an accounting that will need to be filed every year or two to make sure that the trustee is using the funds in… Read more »