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I spoke earlier of Gavin's sexual aggression. This is what we are seeing. He is grabbing other mens croches. I don't mean by accident or innocently either. He slowly works his way there so as not to be noticed. He actions are deliberate.

He is fond of putting his face in womens breasts and he is not above fondling.

The most disturbing is his aggression towards his younger brother Elliott. Gavin is always trying to hug or kiss him to the point Elliott fights to get away. Gavin has been caught sneaking in and out of Elliott's room at night. We have an alarm on Gavin's door but he has figured out ways around it. He is also masturbating to the point of making himself bleed. He's only 10 years old.

The rule in the house is Gavin is not aloud any physical contact with his younger brothers. He has to be arms length away at all times and is never aloud to be in the same room with them alone even for a minute.

Part of me feels horrible about this. But the number one priority is to insure the safety of our other two kids Elliott (3) and Emmett (19months). We are forced to choose between them. Honestly it is getting easier to make those choices. I used to really feel bad about how strict the rulels were for him as most parents would. We were constantly questioned by family and friends as to why this was necessary. We have lost my wife's entire family over this.

They came to the meetings with specialists in order to get a better understanding but were never accepted Gavin's condition. They never followed the rules and by doing so put Gavin and everyone around him at risk.

Everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) we have put in place has be approaved by all of the doctors, teachers and therapists involved in Gavin's treatment.

We don't enjoy having to keep such a tight leash on him but we no longer have a choice… I guess tonight we will find out how much shorter the leash will need to be.

Lost and Tired

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