I wish life had a reset button -

I wish life had a reset button

So I sent my invoices from our contracting company to Ryan Homes today cause they were due. In the email I also wanted to double check that they had received my auto insurance renewal cert.. They never received it. That’s a little bit of a problem because now they have put a hold on our payments. Like the one we had been waiting for next week. My insurance company faxed it today but it’s to late now. Everything has been delayed till May 22nd.

This also makes payroll impossible. I’m going to try to get an exception on this but it probably won’t happen.
During the slow times I only have my brother working for me. So I was able to get his payroll covered (thanks to mom and dad) but the buck stops here. I left a message last week with my agent to remind them to fax it to the corporate office. They didn’t get the message I guess. I have been to distracted and didn’t follow up like I should have. I really wish things could get just a little bit easier. I would be happy to just catch a break.


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