There’s good news and bad news

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Yesterday was a really challenging day, for a great many reasons. I didn’t share the results of Gavin’s bloodwork from yesterday, mostly because I was too overwhelmed. 

I wanted to bring everyone up to speed, because I’m getting a lot of inquiries from readers. They’re concerned and I totally appreciate that. 

Gavin’s labs yesterday were a mixed bag. 

The good news is that Gavin’s platelet count in up to 152, which is good. His white cell count remained the same as the previous day, and came in at 4.0.. Unfortunately, Gavin’s Neutrophil level dropped to 2.1 from 2.2 the previous day. 

Like I said, it’s a mixed bag. I’m still very concerned because his levels are still low. I’m also concerned that his Neutrophil levels are moving in the wrong direction again. 

I feel like I’m on this emotional roller coaster, in complete darkness, ensuring I have no way to see what’s a head of me. I have no way to know when things are going to take a sudden drop. 

The next blood draw will be done in Monday morning. That will be a telling moment because two days will have passed since his last labs. Depending on what we see, will determine how many more labs will have to be drawn. 

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