I knew the day was coming. We shut off the satellite today. We need to dig deeper to cut expenses and that is really all we had left. We are actually pretty excited because we will be saving the money each month now. I have my tower for the computer business hooked up to the big screen so we now just stream netflix and watch our weekly shows on hulu. We just have to wait an extra day to watch.

We have actually been pretty fortunate to have things to either sell or shut down. This usually makes the difference we need it to. I the many years I have worked for Microsoft I have received many things from them. I have received free tablet pc’s, free copies of just about every software they release. It’s like having liquid assets when needed. I can sell that stuff on ebay and make enough to get by when things are bad.

Even Lizze does testing for some major companies like Dell and HP. She gets free stuff all the time. So this really has been a saving grace for us in the past.

All in all it’s somehow always worked out.
Getting rid of TV was always a last resort because we needed our sanity but it was next in line on the chopping block.
We had already dumped the Xbox 360 and PS3 a while back. There are always ways to make it by if you really have to. We are however, at the end of that buffer. But it looks like business on the constructions side will be good to us this summer. And I always seem to get a computer in for repair when we really need it.


Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Man.thats tough!!!!! Granted, the tv never really has anything to watch on it usually, but when you need to veg out,it helps.How about putting up an antenna???? I would gladly help you if you needed it.(from reading all of your other posts of what you've had to do to the house, i don't think you would, but im still available,lol) I think the only reason we still have cable tv is because of the fact that our internet and phone are in a bundle, or i'd say, see ya also.Take it easy Rob and i'll catch ya later…..