When your goal is to simply survive the day

I’m not having a good day and it’s only 8:30 AM. I’m still not feeling well and I’ve got a busy day ahead of me. I had to deal with a teacher who clearly is teaching the wrong demographic of children and has no business working with special needs kids. I would address the problem directly with the teacher in question but unfortunately, there ends up being blowback for E while he’s in class, in the form of public shaming.

E and I met with the principal to let him know what’s been going on inside the classroom.

He was not happy to hear this and will be dealing with it accordingly. We are not the first to approach him about this situation.

Elliott has state testing today and Emmett had his yesterday.

We have to pull the boys out a bit early today because they have doctors appointments out of town this afternoon. If we’re lucky, we’ll get home around dinner time and I’ll still be in one piece.

This is absolutely one of those day in which my main goal is to physically survive it. I think Autism parents have days like this every now and again.

Right now, I just want to feel better. I’m focusing on my water intake to make sure I’m not dehydrated, which would contribute to the nausea. I’m feeling a great deal of stress coming from various different areas of my life.

All is not lost because while I’m not feeling well, my night time sleep is improving and that’s a hugely positive thing. I still need to find a way to focus more on self-care because I need to get back on my feet but decent sleep seems to be creeping back into my life.

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    Follow up comment- I can’t post from my phone. Just my laptop.

  • kimmy gebhardt says:

    Two questions – 1) Is Emmett/Elliott (you just said ‘E’) doing something that the teacher is reacting to? Meaning, is he talking or acting up and the teacher is handling it poorly? 2) How is he being publicly shamed?

    • Facebook Profile photo Rob Gorski says:

      In short, no he isn’t. This teacher has no business teaching special needs kids. As for the details, I’m not going into them at this time.